Workers' Compensation

South Carolina, like most states, offers financial protection for workers who are injured or killed on the job. The system is called workers’ compensation. Under it, an injured worker can recover medical expenses, lost earnings and disability benefits even if the employer didn’t do anything wrong to cause the workplace accident.

But workers’ compensation laws in South Carolina are detailed and complex. They can be hard to navigate. The right lawyer, who knows how to prove your injury, file the proper paperwork, and win maximum benefits, can make it easier.

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More On Workers' Compensation:

Workers' Compensation in SC

There were nearly 3 million workplace injuries and illnesses in the country in 2011, according to labor statistics. More than 4,600 American workers were killed.

Here at home, South Carolina workers are killed and injured on the job every day.Workplace injuries can range from relatively minor sprains and strains to life-threatening health problems.

Workplace Injuries

Common Causes of workplace injuries:

✓  Overexertion (from excessive lifting, pushing, pulling, holding or throwing)
✓  Falling off ladders and scaffolding
✓  Being struck by falling objects
✓  Slipping on dangerous surfaces
✓  Repetitive trauma (due to repeated stress or strain)
✓  Motor vehicle accidents

If the accident occurred on the job and during the course and scope of employment, it will likely be covered by South Carolina workers’ compensation laws.

Workers' Comp. will pay

✓  Necessary medical care
✓  Wages lost while you are unable to work
✓  Permanent disability
✓  Disfigurement, physical impairment and loss of limbs
✓  Reimbursement for certain mileage costs to see your doctor or pick up prescriptions
✓  Death benefits

What to do if you are hurt on the job in SC

Your first step should be to immediately report the accident to your supervisor. You should also seek appropriate medical treatment.Your employer usually has the right to select your treating doctor.

Your second step should be to talk with a workers’ compensation attorney.

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Every case is unique. We cannot guarantee a specific result for you. But we can promise honesty, loyalty, communication and hard work.

The 7 Most Common Mistakes When Filing Your Comp Claim

This section explains some of the errors injured workers make – from failing to report their injury to assuming they don’t have a claim because they didn’t miss any time from work.

Reasons For Denial Of Benefits

It’s not always easy to get approval for workers’ comp benefits. Sometimes there is a legitimate reason for a rejection. But often the right lawyer can help produce an excellent outcome.

Common Workplace Injuries

An on-the-job injury can happen anywhere, not just in high-risk occupations. This section lists the categories of frequent injuries and accidents.

How To File For Workers’ Comp:

South Carolina workers’ compensation claims are subject to strict deadlines and formal procedures. Failure to follow the rules to the letter could mean your rights to benefits are forever lost.

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