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• Flat Fees usually involve Criminal Matters but also sometimes involve relatively simple matters either without litigation or sometimes in Family Court uncontested cases. The Lawyers fee is based upon a reasonable amount of time the Lawyer expects to spend on the case plus issues such as the severity of the situation, previous problems and potential incarceration for the client. Those fees can be payable all at once or a portion up front with monthly payments. • Hourly Cases usually involve Family Court, Business Litigation and Non-Injury Litigation. The Attorney quotes you an hourly fee and requires you to pay a certain amount in advance to cover a portion of his services. If the services exceed the initial retainer you are usually billed monthly for those amounts. • Each case is different and fees are not standard according to a particular charge or situation. Each individual’s circumstances, prior history, facts of the case and even their personality are considered in determining a fee. • • • Favorable facts and circumstances about you may result in a lesser fee than other people. That’s why a full, open, honest and confidential consultation is so important to your and your future.